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781 white 2007, Selected by G

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ProducerIzbor Gašper Čarman
Grape varietyCuvee
Stile of WineYoung white
Region the Littoral
Price10 - 20 €
Level of sugarDry
SubregionGoriška Brda
Alcohol level13,50 %
Serving temperature12 - 14°C
Volume0,75 l
Paring with foodVeal, White meat, Rissoto with sea food, Poultry, Young cheese, Pastas

Trade mark Selected by G is a merger of powers between wine producer and sommelier whose main concern is wine. A wine producers concern is from the earth to the bottle, a sommeliers concern is from the bottle to the table. This wines are product of a joint idea. No matter the cost theri common denominator is: GOOD! Wines and wine producesr are and will be different but I will always strive for natural producing and the right balance between quality and cost. Gasper Carman.

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781 white 2007, Selected by G

781 white 2007, Selected by G

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