Terms and conditions of use

1. Info

Evino.si is a web wine shop established by EVINO D.O.O., Šmartinska 53, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Company is registered by the court and has an ID number: 1912771, tax number: SI53052021.

2. Order

You are responsible for the given data about your address. If a mistake is made regarding your address evino.si is not responsible. After you have made your order a receipt will be send to you by e-mail.

3. Delivery

Wine is delivered in parcels of six or twelve bottles. In Slovenia wine is delivered the next day if the order is made until 10 in the morning. Delivery time for EU:

CountryPostal tariff unitDelivery time
Austria19.2 €2 weekdays
Belgium22.0 €2-3 weekdays
Czech28.4 €3 weekdays
Denmark25.2 €3 weekdays
Estonia36.5 €4-5 weekdays
Finland40.8 €5 weekdays
France31.2 €3-4 weekdays
Germany22.0 €2-3 weekdays
Greece111.6 €5-7 weekdays
Hungary29.0 €2-3 weekdays
Ireland45.0 €3-4 weekdays
Italy24.8 €3 weekdays
Latvia36.5 €4 weekdays
Litva35.3 €4 weekdays
Luxembourg22.6 €2-3 weekdays
Netherlands21.7 €3 weekdays
Poland28.7 €3 weekdays
Portugal39.7 €4-5 weekdays
Slovakia28.8 €3-4 weekdays
Spain36.4 €4 weekdays
Sweden36.4 €4-5 weekdays
United Kingdom32.3 €3 weekdays

Postal tariff classes

  • 1 - 12 bottles 1 unit
  • 13 - 24 bottles 2 units
  • 24 - 36 bottles 3 units
  • 37 - 48 bottles 4 units
  • 49 - 60 bottles 5 units
  • 61 - 72 bottles 6 units
  • 73 - 84 bottles 7 units
  • 85 - 96 bottles 8 units

If you can not be reached the parcel will be waiting for you at the nearest post office. All the parcels are insured. In case of injury your order is replaced or money is returned. You must notify evino.si about lost or damaged parcels.

4. Refunding

You can return your order in 8 days after delivery. You must notify evino.si in case of returning the order. The parcel must be returned in the original packing 5 days after notice. Evino.si will refund you your money in 5 days after receiving the returned parcel. The money will be transferred to your bank account minus the packing costs.

5. Prices

Prices are in Slovenian tolars and euros. Prices do not include shipping costs. Evino.si reserves the right to change prices.

6. Payment

  • by estimate: mostly for companies; after paying the estimate, your order is delivered
  • payment on delivery: possible only with cash and you must be present at time of delivery
  • by credit card over the internet; Visa, Mastercard, Diners

7. Security

Evino.si and EON guarantee for safe transactions. Transactions are made by the bank. Information about your credit card are not being written down or registered on our site.

8. Personal data

Evino.si is obligated under law to secure your personal data. Evino.si will use your personal data only for managing your account and making offers.

9. Complaints

Evino.si will deal with your complaint in the shortest possible time. Evino.si will tray to resolve any complaint with mutual agreement.

10. Notice

Minors are not allowed to order alcohol on evino.si. Ministry of health is warning: Drinking alcohol is bad for your health.