Marjan Simčič

This cellar has always been on top. But lately their achievement is amaizing. Very confident wine producer. Wine is elegant, pure. White etiquette means fresh, pure wine, full of charm, reserve represents what Mr. Simčič realy stands for, great wine. Wine selected by world best restaurants. It will be even better after 5 years in a bottle.

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  • 28,20 € / 25,38 € When you buy 12

    This wine is light amber in colour. Its bouquet is of overripe fruit, lemon blossoms, vanilla, honey, orange peel, and dried fruit, light tobacco…It has a light velvety structure. It is rich, full-bodied and with a soft, fresh taste. It has a long and juicy finish. This wine can even accompany dark chocolate. 

  • 14,68 € / 13,21 € When you buy 12

    Intensely rich golden-yellow colour. An elegant fruity wine with a fragrant hint of dried flowers, buttered toast, combined with a slight note of vanilla. 

  • 28,20 € / 25,38 € When you buy 12

    The taste is rich, spicy and fruity: of dark berries and plums. It has a strong structure and noticeable freshness. At the end, the taste is of dark chocolate, spices and leather. It develops and fades slowly. Very good when young, it can be aged at least 5-10 years.We recommend it with all kinds of red meat, roasted or grilled, game, salami, aged sheep...

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