• Decanter

    “I prefer to decant wines, both young and old. It is a sign of respect for old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines. Decanting old wines, just a few moments before they are served, helps to ensure that the wines’ clarity and brilliance are not obscured by any deposit that may have developed over time. Decanting young wines several hours before they are served gives the wine a chance to bloom and attain a stage of development that normally requires years of aging.” (thoughts on decanting by Christian Moueix)

  • Grape @

    The latest machine blown technology, in conjunction with the seamless pulled stem, offers a special design feature, which creates an indent on the bottom of the bowl, reflecting the light and adding another dimension to the lively color of wine.

  • Heart to Heart

    New line of Riedel glasses. The glasses are teh same shape and size as Vinum Extreme glasses, just these are lead free. Special offer - buy 2 sete and get second at half price. With this offer you can mix shapes.

  • Ouverture

    Introduced in 1989, “Ouverture” is Riedel’s uncomplicated beginner series for customers, who appreciate good, reasonably priced wine. No types pf grape varieties or wine-growing regions disconcert the buyer. Six sizes are made for “drinking pleasure”. Ouverture is lead free. Ideal for everyday use, Ouverture glasses offer perfectly shaped wine glasses at competitive prices.

  • Restaurante

    "Restaurant" is the third generation of stems, developed for the use of restaurants and hotels. It is reserved exclusively for on premise use and is not available for retail. The bowls feature fine, thin polished rims directing the sip of wine precisely to the right taste zone. The special non-lead glass composition makes it dishwasher proof. The diameter of the elegant, rounded seamless stem, has been developed and tested to support the day to day rough use of the on premise sector. The balanced wide base gives the glass a "standing" and an elegant appearance. "Restaurant" caters for the general on premise market. Now every licensed restaurant which cares about wine service will be able to upgrade its glass culture to its advantage. Statistics prove that Riedel glasses sell more wine: consumer enjoyment creates demand. This results in a triple benefit: for the consumer, for the restaurateur and for the wine industry. The Riedel “Restaurant”-collection is only available to the Restaurant Trade - not available in stores.

  • Riedel O

    Maximilian Riedel (11th generation) presents his first glass series. The Riedel connoisseur will be surprised to find that this new glass series has something missing – there is no stem or base. So what is “O”? Riedel “O” is the new innovative take on the wine tumbler. In short: “O” is the ideal glass for every day use and for every occasion. It is fun, feels good to hold, looks trendy and it works! The designs of “O” are based on the benchmark shapes of Riedel Vinum. For the first time in glass history the design parameters such as shape of tumbler, size and diameter of rim, have been fine turned to enhance the world’s most important grape varietals. “O” is available as: Cabernet/ Merlot, Pinot/Nebbiolo, Syrah/Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier/Chardonnay, Riesling/Sauvignon. The tumbler, used for centuries as an all-round drinking vessel, is now turned into a sophisticated wine accessory. Maximilian Riedel has created something brand new with “O” without losing sight of his “roots”. “O” will not compete with the existing Riedel glass series, “O” is much more a successful addition for those who love an elegant, uncomplicated design that works, 30 years ago Claus Riedel (9th Riedel generation) revolutionised the world of the wineglass when he changed functionality into design. His grandson Maximilian Riedel (11th generation) feels that now is the right time to offer a convenience product. A glass which is easy to use. It fits in every dishwasher, picnic basket, minibar or small kitchen. Broken stems are a thing of the past. The price range for the non lead machine-blown glass series is half the price of Riedel Vinum glasses. If you wish to test “O”, the glasses are available as a two glass gift set – an ideal present for others or for yourself!

  • Sommeliers

    In 1973, in Orvieto, Claus Riedel presented the world’s first gourmet glass series developed with the help of the Association of Italian Sommeliers (ASI). The series consisted of 10 sizes. Since then the world of wine has changed radically. Today, regions and continents are producing wines that didn’t exist or were unknown 25 years ago. The Sommeliers series was developed further by his son Georg, into an all-embracing state-of-the-art wine glass collection. Praised in 1991 by Robert Parker, Jr., publisher of The Wine Advocate, as “The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot amphasize enough what a difference they make.” Thanks to worldwide demand, Sommeliers is now the wineglass benchmark and the most successful series of hand-made glasses in the world. Each glass is individually made: the upper parts blown into a mould, the stem and base hand-crafted using methods developed at the time of Christ’s birth. Our glass-makers invest their talent, know-how and meticulous craftsmanship in making glasses of the impeccable quality our consumers expect. Sommeliers are executed in over 24% lead crystal.

  • Riedel Espresso
  • Swirl

    The tumblers embrace the same care-free, relaxed attitude as Riedel's "O" series which pioneered the casual wine glass category when they were introduced in 2004. Wine-friendly with everyday appeal, Swirl is dishwasher safe and, like the original "O" series, they're stackable making them ideal for anyone with limited storage. While an incredibly functional design for wine, the Swirl collection is also versatile. Both the decanter and glasses are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages such as water, juice, margaritas or even sangria with its layered fruit.

  • Tyrol

    The glass stands on a solid half sphere which offers an amazing light reflection. The low height allows the glass to be enjoyed daily because of easy dishwashing. Tyrol is executed in lead crystal which gives to the solid base a never ending sparkle and great stability. The name Tyrol commemorates Riedel’s new start 50 years ago in Austria in the federal State of Tyrol.

  • Vinum

    Introduced in 1986, Vinum was the first machine-made series of glasses in history to be based exclusively on the characteristics of quality, reasonably price and wide distribution. Vinum has had a permanent impact on the globe’s wine glass culture. These glasses have proved to consumers and restaurateurs that the pleasure of consuming wine starts with the glass. The Vinum collection, developed by Georg Riedel on the principle that the content commands the shape, is the “Vitrum-Vinothek” for every day use. Vinum is made of over 24% lead crystal.

  • Vinum extreme

    Vinum Extreme is the latest development in Riedel´s machine-made “Gourmet Glass Concept”. The inspiration for this development can be attributed to three factors: - The steady improvement in wine quality, to more dense, more concentrated and more perfect wines, which call for the development of new shapes. - To translate a wines message in a perfect way. - To the progess that has been made in the features and quality of machine production.

  • Vinum XL
  • Veritas

    A glass machine blown lead crystal of unsurpassed thinness and lightness. Veritas combines the charm of a handmade glass with the consistent accuracy only a machine made glass can achieve. Combining the best of Riedel‘s glassware designs with the most upto-date technology, this new series further endorses Riedel‘s hallmark leadership in performance-driven consumer crystal drinkware.

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